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Tuesday, May 9 · 3 - 7pm EDT

Developers Conference

Wednesday, May 10 · 2 - 7pm EDT

Builders Conference

Thursday, May 11 · 9am - 9pm EDT

Signature Event

Thursday, May 11 · 6pm - 9pm EDT


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Join us at Perpay’s office on Tuesday, May 9 for a technology job fair showcasing vibrant companies seeking talent and talented people seeking work!

Local tech companies are already securing their table spots, and we're back in person for the first time since 2020.

Is your company hiring? Grow and accelerate your talent pipeline and amplify your employer brand as an exhibitor at NET/WORK. Email to learn more.


Tuesday, May 9 · 3 - 7pm EDT


Perpay: 2400 Market Street #Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103


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Developers Conference

Powered by’s 11th annual Developer Conference is happening on Wednesday, May 10 at HealthVerity offices in center city Philadelphia.

Join fellow technologists for an afternoon of group discussions on software trends & best practices from industry leaders across the mid-Atlantic. We'll close the afternoon with a networking happy hour where you can meet hiring companies and connect with your peers over light bites & drinks.


Wednesday, May 10 · 2 - 7pm EDT


HealthVerity: 1818 Market Street #700 Philadelphia, PA 19103




Enter the beautiful Comcast Technology Center to find your way around the conference
The new Wawa Kiosks started with simple requirements. They need to work online and offline, deliver real-time changes to product/menu data (when online), be continuously available twenty-four hours a day, have monitoring, support continuous deployment, A/B testing, and that is just the MVP. How the challenges of building a Kiosk from the ground up for a fast-growing chain pushed the team to develop a robust solution that takes advantage of modern technologies to allow for a platform for innovation.

Threads is a modern, delightful, and powerful communications tool for digital (or distributed) teams that aims to replace Slack, Teams, GChat, for folks who need both synchronous and asynchronous communications in the same space. When we released our AI-powered capabilities (named Tailor) in March, I was tasked with designing the presentation, brand, and tone of this companion. This is the story of how we made our decisions.

Engineering velocity is usually inversely correlated to risk. Or, put plainly; the faster you go, the more you break things. In this session we will investigate how to change that inverse correlation and increase velocity without increasing risk. We’ll look at three areas, Individual, Team and Strategic. Individual coding practices, informed by the latest research on how we program and how AI tools are changing the landscape. Team development lifecycles, how to structure work to create rapid impactful iterations. Strategic planning, to drive high value work forward and not waste cycles of work.

Fearless’ Dir. of Engineer TJ Famodu shares how she build cross-functional teams to serve Fearless’ clients, navigates customer relationships, and handles the legacy migration that is continually coming up with established customers in the healthcare and government sectors.

In this talk, we provide an overview of how we apply state-of-the-art AI towards various consumer products at Comcast. More specifically, we present several ways in which AI is improving the customer experience, including an award-winning voice assistant for your TV, an automated chatbot for customer care and sports highlights generated through media analytics.

The layers of technology that are required to deliver online experiences can be staggering and feel miraculous. It is easy to become overwhelmed, feeling we should understand all of these layers, and end up wallowing in impostor syndrome. This talk will take an opportunity to poke fun at some of the more absurd moments in my own life, and celebrate the miracle that anything we do actually works at all!

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to create an AI-powered chatbot using Python and OpenAI’s GPT API. The session will cover key concepts, including API authentication, making API requests, and handling responses. Students will follow along as they build a simple text-based chatbot that can answer questions and engage in conversation. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a functional chatbot and a strong foundation for further exploration of AI chatbot development.

Have you ever felt inadequate? Told yourself when accomplishing an achievement that it was just luck? Then you are someone who has probably experienced the imposter syndrome. In this talk we will discuss ways to overcome the imposter syndrome and explain importance of finding your tribe of supporters.

What does it mean to be a career IC? What does growth and betterment look like? How do I know what to focus on to get me to the next level? Is a switch into management inevitable? Come hear from an engineer who has puzzled over these questions and more, and learn about quieting imposter syndrome, focusing on your unique skillset, and building a career path that works for you.

How Vanguard’s Security Organization Enables the Developer Experiences, Protects Client Assets and Stewards a Culture of Risk Cyber security is not a one way street. Developers and security experts all need to come together to create the best outcomes for our organizations. Developers need flexibility to create innovative solutions. Security professionals need to help put guardrails in place to keep organizations secure. Learn about Vanguard’s approach on how IT, business and security work together to protect trillions of dollars in client assets.

The software industry is shifting from developing individual applications to creating entire ecosystems. One way to achieve this is by using distributed Microservices and event-sourced data streams. This approach allows for better management of data over time, from raw and emerging data to a curated source of truth. By combining this with a data fabric architecture, we can leverage the capabilities of machine learning to create virtuous data cycles that continuously improve data and provide actionable insights to users.

Let’s discuss if “DevOps is really dead” and where “platform engineering” fits in, why engineering organizations should be excited about it, but also the challenges and potential pitfalls. We’ll talk about how to determine whether your organization is a good fit for the practice and you’ll learn how to avoid some very expensive mistakes.

In this talk, I will go over some of the key provisions of proposed AI regulations (e.g EU AI Act), as well as voluntary frameworks (e.g NIST AI RMF). I will then discuss some of the policies and principles organizations should start putting into place now in order to prepare for the regulatory environment. The talk will end about a discussion about AI differentiation in the market and how building a ‘trusted’ organization can be a substantial, non-commoditized, differentiator.

Navigating growing engineering teams can be a challenge whether you’re an early employee or a late comer. Learn lessons on being an effective engineer during rapid growth.
We’ll close the afternoon with the return of’s SUPER MEETUP, a networking happy hour where tech meetups host one big party alongside hiring companies and tech professionals with light bites & drinks.

Builders Conference + Signature event

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The conference formerly known as Introduced now has a new name —’s Builders Conference — but will bring the same half day of engaging programming on a range of topics including entrepreneurship support, diversity in hiring, company storytelling and more! We’ll end the week-long series with our annual Signature Event — including a happy hour, food, games and more!

Join the fun on Thursday, May 11, at the beautiful home of our title sponsor, the Comcast Technology Center, then stick around for our Signature Event to network with representatives from our hiring sponsor companies, as well as the who’s who in all of Philly tech.


Thursday, May 11 · 9am - 9pm EDT


Comcast Technology Center 17th Floor: Town Hall 1800 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19103




Enter the beautiful Comcast Technology Center to find your way around the conference
What Technically’s reporting says about where innovation goes next, as told by Technically founder and CEO
Team Building & Ecosystem Growing in a Post-Pandemic World: What local means has shifted forever. Investors with a national outlook debate what that means for the rest of us
What do repeat entrepreneurs who have new startups that are younger than the pandemic have to say about how their experience has changed
The institutions, services and infrastructure of commercializing science and invention won’t ever be the same. Hear leaders from different cities share how to keep up in today’s climate

We’ll break for lunch with food and drinks provided by Comcast. Or explore the Philadelphia area for some local food!

Funny thing about remote hiring and a tech talent demand boom is that even if employers have ever more options they also have ever more competition. Choosy professionals don’t take jobs, they join teams. Hear how leading tech teams craft employer brand stories that resonate

Backed by a yearlong Technically reporting project, hear the never-before-seen data and new stories about people whose lives are influenced by a tech economy they may not be a part of
Forty-plus years after a landmark analysis about the lack of diversity in tech roles, the gap still dominates. Hear from teams that have made progress with actionable takeaways
Amid tech boom and bust, how innovation is regulated nationally and influenced locally is a conversation about our country’s future. Join a discussion about what issues can be shaped by tech leaders
Work expectations changed more during the pandemic than in a decade or more before. Employee retention comes with new strategies. Hear some of them from experts navigating the obstacles
Following a new Technically report, listen to a discussion about what is working and what is not about a more inclusive entrepreneurial community
Talk to representatives from a range of US cities to hear what’s distinctive about their tech and innovation economies

Join us for our Signature Event to network with representatives from our hiring sponsor companies, as well as the who’s who in all of Philly tech! 

Meet our Speakers

Sophie Bryan

Project Director, The Pew Charitable Trusts

“THRIVING: What the Innovation Economy Means for Everybody Else”

Sophie Bryan leads the policy team at Pew’s Philadelphia research and policy initiative (PRPI). Her work ranges from implementing technical assistance agreements that support improving government programs and practices to collaborating with partners on convenings that link Pew research to potential policy solutions.


Prior to joining Pew, Sophie was the executive director of the local legal services nonprofit Philadelphia VIP. She also has served as chief of staff to then-City Councilmember Bill Green; in various roles at the School District of Philadelphia; and as a legal services attorney, primarily representing clients in eviction and foreclosure cases.


Sophie is a native Philadelphian and holds a bachelor’s degree and J.D. from Harvard University.


Melissa Richardson

VP of Team Success, Kleer

“Remote Work, Employee Engagement and Avoiding Burnout Hell”

Melissa Richardson is a passionate talent and human resources leader who drives Team Success at Kleer. An advocate for building strong cultures that employees are excited and proud to be a part of, she wears many hats, including coach, strategist, ambassador, and matchmaker… as it relates to business of course!



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